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For someone who spends so much time in that busy, genius head of yours at the best of times, how you going with Mars firing up the synapses for the better part of 2020?

I mean with the world in flux & you so tuned into the collective zeitgeist, you’re bound to be picking up on the wild times around you & wondering madly how to get involved/engage with it all, as the socially conscious creature you are. But also Mars on iconoclastic, rebel Lilith has you more than ever aligned with your own personal values, and how to walk your talk in unflinching personal integrity despite the white noise of dystopian background…

Because with Jupiter direct on Saturn/Pluto in your soul sector, you are actually much more inspired looking within & tuning into your own cosmic/creative/spiritual bliss than worrying too much about external stuff you can’t control. Especially with Mars retrograde this month there is absolutely no point pitting yourself against the prevailing mood, in fact picking fights with certain fuqwits or whatever could be a strategic disaster & likely to blow up at warp speed!

So especially with the Full Moon of the 2nd on healing Chiron, much better to find intelligent, mutual emotional empathy with those people you can relate to. And maintain elegant composure & zen equanimity with any antagonistic weirdos, to save your energy & advantageously pick your battles -to be dealt with when Mars moves forward from mid Nov.

Ok good so you’re a lover not a fighter right now; with a sweet Venus/Mars trine early October, then Venus into your sex/intimacy sector for the rest of the month. The better to harness all that fiery Mars/Lilith passion for a lively, dynamic love life.

If you are lucky enough to be involved with someone who is actually your match right now, you are so turned on by the hot, primal chemistry of an authentic, deeper connection. Thrashing out your differences with mutual respect, whilst embracing the vulnerability of being truly real with one another is quite the aphrodisiac here…

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