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So the big news this month is the powerhouse planet Pluto changing signs -and you, my friend, are the star of the show! Pluto begins a 19 month transition into Aquarius from March 23rd; then from 2024 settle in your sign for the next 20 years!

I mean ok, settle isn’t exactly the correct term. The most transformative planet is more about awakening, disruption of the status quo, revealing deep truths, facing our demons and phoenixing into a profoundly more empowered/self aware chapter. Not exactly comfortable, and certainly no room for complacency, but so exciting and life-affirming. So lets talk about some of the Pluto themes coming up:

POWER. Coming to terms with any potentially controlling, toxic influences around you-to just stop giving your power away to fuqwits, on any level. Or even facing & overcoming your own unconscious drives/addictions, that may have been controlling your free will in a toxic way? The better to internalise your healthy locus of power-to become a fully conscious, courageous master/mistress of your own destiny.

PASSION. Pluto is sexy as fuq, all about the primal life force of your sexual energy. There is a certain vitality that comes with embracing our sexy desires and libido in a healthy way, right? Including the deeper, beautifully vulnerable feelings of genuine emotional & physical intimacy with a special someone? Maybe even honest, real devotion long term? You are becoming quite the sexy, desirable creature don’t you know?

And same goes for anything else you are passionate about. Creative /professional/lifestyle/personal growth choices all become ignited, with a brilliant desire to embrace a passionate, meaningful life.

PROSPERITY. Pluto is such a lucrative vibe! Not so much fiddling with minor budgetary adjustments or making a few extra bucks, in hustle mode. More getting your head around making BIG coin, to fund the passionate, productive life plan you’re so onto. I mean it’s all relative. One person’s multi million empire is another persons capacity to own their own home/create their own business or independent income/travel where they want etc, to change their life for the better-in a way they were not able to before. Know what I mean? A fully empowering, game changing attitude to money & financial freedom is calling you forward here…

TRANSFORMATION. This transit is all about the rebirth of your true nature; as you burn away any tedious, compromising crap that was previously stifling your growth. Pluto does not want you to remain the same person in the same circumstances as before-more next level embracing your FULL, magnificent potential to actually love living in your own skin. Wow go you, becoming the star of your own show.

And inspiring the rest of us. As such a social creature, adored by your friends and connected to the broader cultural zeitgeist; you were always going to be the poster child for this astro -calling all of us to evolve in this crazy world, in such upheaval right now. Destiny is calling you, as a wonderful muse and innovator; to help the people around you rise up to their full potential, as they come together with a new sense of supportive community. How wonderful, it feels pretty good to get amongst it, huh?

Especially with Saturn leaving Aquarius March 7th. I mean it’s been totally character building, with Saturn in your sign for the last 2 ½ years, to work on personal discipline. The better to have cultivated the gutsy determination & personal integrity, to be ready to embrace this Pluto transit. Also such a relief, with Saturn out of your hair; to ditch any boring, restrictive expectations you’ve been putting on yourself or from control freaks around you, expecting you to play some game you don’t believe in. Yay, fresh oxygen to be your true self -the freedom to shine is real.

And Saturn arrives in your independent, personal values sector bang on the Full Moon of March 7th, in your 8th house of intimate & financial entanglements. The force is strong with you, to hold your own, with fierce personal boundaries-even as you negotiate intelligent, mutually advantageous connections with the people you want to share your family, love and biz life with, moving forward?

Then the New Moon of March 22nd in your ideas/communication sector. To clarify your intentions, create positive neural pathways and clean up your act with the most relevant dialogues in your life. Just in time for Pluto in your sign from March 23rd, of course.

Welcome to the beginning of an extraordinary new chapter in your life x

Image: unable to find original credit for this gorgeous picture.


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