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So the mating season vibe from February continues, with Venus/Mars in exact, gloriously romantic embrace early March. Especially exact on Pluto for a primal, sexy energy to heat things up big time! Everyone is feeling it, and for you in your mystical/secretive soul sector.

Which is either more tricky or more special love action, depending how you look at it. I mean soulmate love is a strange and wonderful thing…

You yearn for a sublime, spiritually/magically inspiring connection. There are spooky synchronicities about you meet/weird hook up chemistry. And how you keep on reading each other’s minds, write poetry for one another, karmic lessons you could only learn together and inspire one another to a higher purpose. Regardless of the outcome of your love.

Because soulmates can also do our heads in, as they reflect our own inner beauty and raging inner torment, with such exquisite clarity. Especially with primal, transformative Pluto involved. Could be facing demons with someone who can handle it. And/or the kind of deep, meaningful sexual passion that comes with recognising one another’s soul truth. Thus do you handle mating season early March…

Especially with the New Moon of March 3rd, in your sector of comfortable security. Normally this means all you want to do is lock down some semblance of stable, emotional guarantee with someone you can rely on. But with lucky, unconditionally loving Jupiter on this moon -you get that real connection defies that kind of logic, and you have to trust the flow of wild, untamed, scary true love huh? Honestly, someone who sticks with you no matter what could be the reward here…nice one.

Same goes for financial abundance. It’s not so much careful financial planning; more your maverick style suddenly sees wild and wonderful new opportunities to thrive. We are not so much talking about hare-brained, stoopid schemes that could be presenting themselves, obviously -more backing the brilliant, visionary plans you’ve been incubating for while now, and suddenly ready to unleash upon the world with next level confidence.

Then Venus/Mars into your sign, in an exact romantic embrace from the 6th- you are such a gorgeous, irresistible, magnetic love machine for the rest of the month! Especially the Full Moon in your sex/intimacy sector, opposite dreamy, soulmatey Neptune/lucky Jupiter & trine passionate Pluto. Magical romance could become way more tangible, in the bedroom and with beautiful, radical vulnerability. How lovely!


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