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You’ve been kind of striking the right balance since Dec, between Saturn & Jupiter in your sign.

As in Saturn is the ‘bad cop’ insisting on the personal discipline for a fierce work ethic & healthy habits to stay strong & productive, dealing with pressure like a pro, checking your moral compass every 5 minutes/reality checking every little decision & dealing with consequences every time you fuq up. Like the personal trainer you love to hate because his regime sucks-but gosh the benefits are amazing if you stick to the plan!

And Jupiter is the ‘good cop’ saying be a free spirit, chase your dreams, life is for living so why not cut loose & have fun and calling you to a path of expansive personal growth with a meaningful sense of purpose.

They are strange bedfellows; but Saturn discipline kind of ameliorates Jupiter’s tendency to excess & Jupiter brings fab, positive affirmations for Saturn to support -they can work well together…

So it’s challenging right now, with Saturn retro, square your ruler Uranus for a tetchy, restless vibe to get on with things that still feel stalled. And Jupiter out of your sign, dithering retro on the cusp of your money sector-to inspire earning scenarios that feel so close but not moving forward quite yet? Gah, you are really learning the meaning of patience right??

Honestly, you are doing better than you think scheming & dreaming for the moment -and will feel better when Jupiter moves back into your sign from July 31st, for the rest of the year to re-awaken certain hopes & positive intentions you had nearly given up on….how wonderful!

Meanwhile the New Moon of July 10th in your work/health sector is great for a work/life balance; that honours self-care to nurture your physical vitality, the better to cultivate a sustainable work ethic to create the job you desire that also allows a fulfilling, enjoyable lifestyle. You are healthy, wealthy, wise & rocking the life you actually want to live.

Then Mars/Venus conjunct in your relationship sector, exact July 14th is primo Aqua love action. The perfect combo of idealistic romantic thrills, sexy chemistry and sustainable compatibility to make a true partnership/marriage work long term. Oh my goodness if you are already in love or ready to be, mid-month is so auspicious to give someone special your full attention.

Then the Aqua Full Moon of the 24th is genius to trust your gut instincts, that are so on point. It’s between Pluto doing deep transformation in your soul sector, to get a handle on your spiritual growth and Saturn helping you walk your talk accordingly. Excellent.

Image: Saint Laurent for Vogue UK


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