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AQUARIUS HOROSCOPE for february 2021


Lucky you love being at the centre of the cultural zeitgeist, tuned into the mood & actively involved in our collective evolution, because the astro of Feb is so Aquarius-centric! Your personal growth & brilliance inspires the rest of us, even more than usual; so make sure you keep shining bright.

First the glorious Ssturn/Jupiter conjunction in Aqua is waking us up to higher purpose. Then Venus in Aquarius this month brings your full, charismatic beauty, charm & talent; which makes you terribly desirable as you swan about looking gorgeous & playing with your most relevant, fulfilling purpose in the world…

Which you will need to back up with proper integrity, btw. Because with Venus/Saturn around the 6th you get how much actual, disciplined hard work is required to manifest your crazy, creative genius in the world. And this focuses your attention nicely –no time for hare brained schemes when you need to drill down on the life plan/professional imperatives that really matter.

Also romance-you are flirty as fuq right now which is fabulous; but whether seducing your partner anew or single/on the prowl, you do need to consider your intentions & those of your special someone-is it real enough to follow through & love like you mean it?

Because I should probably mention Mercury retro in Aqua from Feb 1st, trawling backwards through your sign till the 21st. Which could trigger weird misunderstandings & tricky setbacks, so you are finessing love dialogues & the life plan fairly regularly this month. I mean things are evolving at warp speed right now, which is great for speedy progress & cool opportunities when least expected-but gosh you’ve got to stay on your toes to keep up!

Thank goodness you relish being at the vanguard of change & willing to do the personal growth as you go right??

Meanwhile the Aqua New Moon of the 12th is an excellent moment to align with your clearest, visionary truth & shine like a diamond!

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