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Dec 1st begins the month with Mars opposite Venus, exact.

Which yes, with Mars in your 5th house of playful romance, could be great for sexy attraction. Even if Mars retrograde means you are more lowkey seductive than overtly chasing your love interest; with Venus bringing a lover with reciprocal attraction toward you, the synergy works without having to force it. Love should be all about easy, quality time together and fun right now!

And caring Ceres in your sex/intimacy sector works beautifully, especially if already entangled in love. True passion shines when you look after one another unconditionally, for exquisite emotional connection.

Also the 5th house is all about creative talent & confident self expression.

Especially by the Full Moon of Dec 8th, exactly conjunct Mars in your 5th house. Where Mars retrograde is the power of creative discipline, quietly cultivating your genius behind the scenes.

No need to show off overtly, everyone is fascinated by your dark horse focus on getting better at what you do. And more likely to have cool, equally creative people on the scene wanting to network with you and make fabulous things happen, moving forward. As such a social creature, you adore this feeling of your own desires/interests aligning with the broader cultural zeitgeist, of course.

So, especially with Venus/Mercury hiding out in your soul sector from Dec 11th, attuning with your spiritual muse; slowly, with infinite patience do you stay true to your own integrity of purpose. And allow it to reveal your shiny place in the world, by the time Mars charges forward from mid Jan next year…

Meanwhile lucky Jupiter direct, in your ideas/communication sector from Dec 21st. To keep your intentions sparkly positive, no matter what. Because as a child of Uranus-the ‘higher frequency’ of Mercurial mental clarity, you really understand the power of your thoughts & the words you speak. To manifest the reality you are creating at any point in time, know what I mean?

And speaking of Uranus, in sync with the Destiny Point in your domestic sector all month: your instincts are bang on, about creating the ideal home scenario to move forward in. Maybe you have a clear handle on relationship dynamics with your family/co-habs/shacked up lover, to create a fabulous home & family life you can evolve in, together? Maybe you feel called to a totally different home base; for a radical, exciting new sense of where you belong? It’s all about being authentic where you live, the better to be free to thrive in terms of your own, karmic imperative to grow to your full potential.

Also because the New Moon of Dec 23rd has Sun/Moon and Venus/Mercury/Pluto hiding out in your soul sector. All about retreating from the tedious demands of the world, to focus on whatever wonderful spiritual/creative inspo actually turns you on. And enjoy being the magical, genius weirdo that you are.

So cultivating a domestic sanctuary to be your temple, where you privately thrive -or realise you are being called to somewhere else, more aligned with your personal destiny is gold this month.

And Pluto in your soul sector opposite Bitch Lilith in your work/lifestyle sector is so fuqing empowering. I mean gawd help any idiots trying to control-freak you on the day job or judge your priorities with tawdry, bourgeois expectations of normality. You will shoot them down just by emanating supreme, deeply felt self-assurance that fuqs them right up, know what I mean?

Image: Vogue Paris Philippe Jarrigeon


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