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Well Jupiter in your sign from Jan-mid May this year had you all excited about positive growth and fab, expansive energy to move forward in your life. Then into your 2nd house of tangible income for your effort, to whet your appetite about realising those big dreams of yours huh?

So perhaps you’ve felt a bit deflated, with Jupiter retro since late June; as if you were suddenly regressing just when you thought you were getting somewhere dammit? Yes the frustration is real, and Jupiter reversing into your sign this month is back to the drawing board; but you know what this could be a great chance to finesse whatever you were on about earlier this year.

Because honestly, to the extent you are willing to consider new perspectives rather than give in to frustration, the more you renew your best, expansive intentions about the Aqua life plan.

Especially with Saturn in your sign for sustained discipline, resilience and character-building patience to only become stronger and more determined with each challenge/delay you encounter.

I mean don’t forget Aquarius hosted the magnificent Saturn/Jupiter conjunction last Dec; so you are plugged into a magnificent, regenerative vibe as they remain in your sign for the rest of the year. Especially as they turn direct from October, when your positive progress could pick up considerably!

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 8th in your love sector is fresh mating inspo, as follows:

Conjunct chatty Mercury & trine healing Chiron, retro in your communication sector ameliorates any recent romantic misunderstandings. A sweeter dialogue with your lover for mutual understanding, or clever flirty repartee if on the dating scene?

Square your ruler Uranus, in your home sector to deal with any turbulence re domestic relationships. If family dynamics or shacked up love have been a bit tricky or subject to crazy, changing circumstance you can’t control; this Moon helps with clear emotional intelligence, to move forward together one way or the other.

Mars & Venus in your sex/intimacy sector. If you’re madly in love or ready to be, this is most auspicious to enjoy mutual, passionate connection with someone you really care about -how lovely.

Then the Aquarius Full Moon of the 22nd is conjunct lucky Jupiter. Primo time to swan around feeling fabulous, because you’re walking your talk in the world with the spunky confidence of full integrity. You’ve earned it baby!

Image: Philippe Jarrigeon

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