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It’s all about the Venus/Mars relationship magic of the last 2 months, finishing conjunct Saturn in April -big love astro, and it’s happening in your sign!

It’s all about what you have learned recently about your lover, and the relationship dynamic between you. A combination of powerful chemistry, sustainable compatibility and healthy boundaries is feeling very real. Which could feel like you’ve earned a deep sense of commitment with someone special -how lovely…

Or even if there are stubborn issues, that you guys normally get stuck on; Venus/Mars hopefully ameliorate that with patience with one another’s foibles, to find a way through? (thank you Saturn).

-or if dating a healthy, functional reality check, about what you want from romance-or any promising contender, who may be more likely on the scene?

-or if single/, about healthy relationship with self, just to feel comfortable in your skin-nice one. And how this creates healthy boundaries/positive preparedness for the next attraction?

Meanwhile the New Moon of April 1st is helpful, to get the communication right -in love and everything else:

You have Mercury involved for chatty, articulate banter -and let’s face it, you do love to speak your mind! I mean with so much going on in that brilliant head of yours, you have so much to express and not short of an opinion.

And the healer Chiron to bring all this into emotional congruence; you are beautifully sensitive to the vibe with your crew, for genuinely caring dialogues that create mutual understanding.

Omg you love this! It’s great to figure out the cultural zeitgeist around you, to share fab ideas and feeling connected to your wider community, which as such a social creature you adore.

And yes, also great for romantic rapport. Maybe you are partnered/in love; and feels so natural to share your feelings/the shared values that brought you together in the first place, with exquisite emotional intelligence.

Or if single/on the prowl… your flirty wiles are perfect to fascinate someone with your beautiful mind, and the possibility of real emotional connection.

And the rare, divine Jupiter/Neptune conjunction this month is in your income/security sector. It’s a weird thing that the most positive, useful scenarios to feel financially independent are not so much steady income security; as talking a confident risk on the wildest, most meaningful endeavours that feel right just because they turn you on.

Especially around the Full Moon of the 17th, in your Jupiter-ruled 9th house, syncing individualistic Lilith in your creative sector. The more you embrace the unusual, even edgy talent that sets you apart from everyone else, the more you can monetise it whilst inspiring the world. As a natural, visionary weirdo you so get this right?

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