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So Saturn in your sign, square Uranus in your personal sector is the key pressure-cooker astro this month:

On one hand you are trying so hard to keep it together right now, with Saturn on your case to be a disciplined success machine and function in straight society, because respectable, polished reputation matters. Even if you have to buckle down under pressure & goddamn work for it!

On the other hand, Jupiter in your sign & your ruler Uranus square Saturn says the way you want to live is on your own radical, genius terms. Your innate rebellious, fuq the system attitude is so fired up to be the maverick you are, and pretty intolerant of any tedious responsibilities or expectations from certain people restraining your unique lifestyle –so there.

So maybe you have to hustle and at least pretend to play the game; which funnily enough might be the way to prove your integrity & score the freedom to do cool, effective stuff on your own terms, know what I mean?

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 12th, in your communication sector is a brilliant chance to straddle the space between who you are & what everyone else wants you to be –with intelligent conversation. Venus brings sweet talking diplomacy, and with the healer Chiron & caring Ceres you get to be authentic, even vulnerable to share your feelings & ideas for optimum mutual understanding.

Also this Moon has Mars firing up your talent sector, so being damn good at what you do brings the confidence to show off about it. I mean you don’t even have to be selling something to enjoy shameless self-promotion, it just feels good to be strutting around being your fab, true self because you can. And if you do want to monetise some gig mid month? Mars square Neptune in your earning sector could be a magical opportunity/synchronicity, to work persuasive professional glamour to financial advantage OR slippery, dodgy hare brained schemes that blow up in your face. Hmm it’s a fine line, so you definitely keep money clear & high end!

Then the Full Moon of the 27th is in your biz sector, just in time for Mars working a dynamic work ethic in your day job sector is way more auspicious to drive your ambition/professional instincts to next level success. Also Venus in your home sector means you are more working to support a lush, fulfilling lifestyle as opposed to banging away just for the sake of status in the word –you get what I mean right?

And Venus in your home sector is also lovely for shacked up love, to renew romantic bliss with your partner, or if single/on the prowl maybe stage your next date on home turf for best results.

Image: Vlada Roslyakova.


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