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So Pluto in Aquarius recently, from April till June has been a sneak preview; of the sexy, empowered new version of you -ready to unleash upon the world from this Feb, for the next 20 years! Such powerful lust for life brewing -you can feel your phoenix mojo in transformation mode, preparing to rise up from the flames…

Meanwhile Pluto back into your soul sector, to complete the inner work, spiritual discipline and scrutinising the karmic patterns you’ve been dealing with, for the last several years. It’s kind of felt like being the misunderstood genius of the zodiac, and kind of feels like the freedom to explore your rich inner life, brewing promising creative inspo-away from the white noise of the world around you. Thus do you remain true to yourself, for the rest of the year.

And the Full Moon of July 3rd, joining Pluto in your soul sector is a clue, about working your personal magic this month:

Opposite Sun/Mercury in your practical 6th house. The more you are attuned to your visionary, soul purpose the more you discover clever strategies; to manifest your goals on the day job and efficient daily health & wellbeing routine.

Especially square the healer Chiron in your ideas sector; the more you focus clear intentions, with right action every day, the more you manifest your dreams in practical terms.

Meanwhile Lilith/Venus/Mars conjunct in your 7th house/love sector, for this Moon. It’s kind of Aqua mating season, early July! Because Venus & Mars always bring attraction magic, sweet romantic chemistry and easy compatibility with your partner-when they get together in your 7th house.

Also Bitch Lilith brings a whole other level of authenticity to your most important relationships-romantic & otherwise. You both want to be able to express yourselves freely, with an expectation that you can be loved for your weird, difficult qualities just as much as the things you get about one another.

So if you find yourselves bickering, about the most volatile issues between you? Is someone just trying to get a reaction, to prove a point or is this a perfect challenge: for the mutual respect to appreciate, and be fully turned on by the differences between you?

I mean Venus lingering in your 7th house, for a rare, extended stay till October wants to keep your love magic/harmonious relating sustainable. So perfect timing, to get it right with the people you most care about now, know what I mean?

Then Mars into your sexy 8th house, from July 10th ups the ante-for passionate seduction & emotional intimacy with your lover. Or sudden, hot attraction-if on the prowl for someone new?

And Mercury into your 7th house, literally just as Mars enters your 8th house. As much as there is such smoking hot, physical & emotional passion going on -it’s also a meeting of minds. Especially for such a cerebral sign as yourself, sometimes the greatest turn on is exciting conversation. Maybe brewing fab plans with your partner, to keep inspired and evolving together. Or if single some random, intellectually stimulating conversation is the things that sparks sudden, flirty chemistry?

Then the New Moon of July 18th in your practical 6th house. Opposite Pluto in your soul sector, trine Neptune in your prosperity sector and just in time to square the Destiny Point moving into your clever 3rd house. Again, the quality of your spiritual & mental intentions here are so ready to manifest in the real world -dream wisely, huh?

Image: Collier Schorr foir Saint Laurent


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