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So the two big astro themes right now are Mars in your 10th house of career/public success and Venus in your 12th house of inner, spiritual connection. And they work in quite different, hopefully complementary ways as follows:

Saturn & Jupiter retrograde in your sign for ages, from May this year was so frustrating; especially with Mars in your vision/adventure sector lusting after exciting dreams, that you were exploring in that brilliant, restless mind of yours -but not exactly instant gratification in retrograde season, dammit. So both of these planets direct from mid October has been such a buzz, and wondering where to direct all this fresh, life affirming energy to get on with it already?

Viola, Mars in your career sector from Nov 1st till mid Dec is 6 weeks of accelerated professional progress coming up. You are suddenly hyper ambitious, super clear about whatever gig/biz plan etc is going to work in your favour and the dynamic energy & work ethic to make it happen. It feels so good to be onto it & rocking in the world-go you!

Also we have to talk about Venus hiding out in your soul sector Nov 6th till March 2022 –plenty of time to take space from the white noise of the world, and make time to look within. Could be tuning into whatever spiritual discipline keeps you self-aware, honest about healthy relationship with self & inspired about your divine purpose. And turned on by divine creative inspo-creating or enjoying beautiful art, music, poetry etc fills your cup beautifully here. And magic moments of psychic insights, dream journaling & feeling like a cosmic child of the universe, connected to a higher truth that speaks to -bless x

Hmm so the exquisite balance between fierce external progress & gentle inner reflection is the key to the rest of the year, kinda perfect if you can keep it together & keep it sweet huh?

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 5th in your biz sector clarifies your professional intentions nicely, especially with Mercury involved from the 6th to get the details right. And opposite Uranus in your home sector, to figure out how a successful professional attitude supports the most liberated lifestyle you want to live.

Especially by the Full Moon, partial eclipse of the 19th, with Mars opposite Uranus for the sheer work ethic to back that confidence up & Venus trine Uranus to know what matters to you -and cultivate the fulfilling personal life that makes you feel good.

So love & romance? You need a lover/soulmate type who truly understands that you have a lot of internal focus going on, gives you space for it & you adore them right back with mutual, unconditional support. Especially Venus sextile Mars, exact Nov 26th could be a lovely moment to connect with someone special-nice one x

Image: Arthur Belebeau


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