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So with Pluto still lurking in your soul sector, you’re doing the inner, spiritual work. As you prepare to finally phoenix forward, with Pluto in Aquarius from Feb, for which you are presumably waiting patiently?

In dark horse, preparation mode, that you just know you can work advantageously…the more you stay true to your own vision.

I mean to be honest we are all looking forward, on a collective level to Pluto getting a move on in Aqua next year. All about transforming our human unity, equality & respecting each other’s unique freedom as a healthy social ecosystem-which Aquarius energy epitomises.

So as an actual, full-blooded Aquarian. You do realise you are the sign most switched on to the radical, wonderfully powerful growth coming up next year, right?

I mean no pressure, lol, but we are all kind of watching you. As you charge your spiritual batteries, getting your act together with clear intentions to thrive like an angel next year -you inspire the rest of us to do the same. How fabulous, to be the crazy, visionary diamond we all love you for!

Meanwhile, your patient attitude is also rewarded -as you look forward to your ruler Uranus and lucky Jupiter, currently retro in your domestic sector, finally moving direct from January. For the moment you take the time, to work out any restless energy at home:

Whether tetchy family dynamics, trying to figure out fresh ways to get along with one another. The more you get that you are all busting to evolve, beyond the current comfort zone, the more you understand each other’s slightly volatile moods; as a chance for mutually supportive, radical personal growth, that is still taking it’s time to make sense?

Whether you’re restless as hell to bust a move, on creating a better abode to live in? And feel so close to seizing some fabulously liberating property scenario; still so exquisitely, frustratingly just out of reach? Of course you hold true to your vision of the perfect home, and keep working towards it-the manifesting magic should be in effect by Jan.

So the Partial Lunar Eclipse, of Oct 29th in your domestic sector; is the emotional intelligence to do the best you can, to appreciate whatever your current home life looks like.

And opposite Mars/Mercury conjunct, with healthy Ceres in your career sector. Something about the getting the work/life balance right, with a supportive home base to go chase intelligent professional growth, works a treat for this Moon.

Especially because meanwhile, Mars charges into your brilliant career sector from Oct 12th. Just in time for the New Moon, Solar Eclipse in your expansive 9th house of Oct 15th. This feels so damn good, to clarify your most idealistic sense of purpose in the world, energised by Mars powering up your professional ambitions.

I mean ok, I know I said you’re meant to be working behind the scenes in dark horse mode right now. But I tell you what, mid Oct could be a blast of positive, success machine lust to achieve your full potential! To inspire you to stick to your guns, and keep working towards the goals that really matter to you. However long it takes, right?

Meanwhile, the Aqua love life fires up! With Venus and Bitch Lilith exactly conjunct, Oct 9th as they enter your sexy 8th house. Opposite Saturn, clarifying your personal values-that you don’t want to compromise for anyone else. How good to be suddenly so turned on by a gorgeous lover, just as batshit crazy as you. Your hot, seductive moments come from respecting the weird differences between you, just as much as the sweet, natural chemistry you obviously share.

Or if single/not into romance for the moment? You relish the chance to drill down on doing your own thing, sans tedious relationship distractions. Nice one.

Image: unable to find original credit, for this fab picture.


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