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Aquarius Full Moon is upon us, exact 4.31am August 2nd, AEST. To the extent Full Moons are coming to terms with whatever feelings have been brewing all month, in Aquarius we can vibe pretty weird!

With Aqua ruler Uranus, square Lilith conjunct Venus, joining the Sun in Leo. We claim full permission to swagger around with our own, unique charisma. Yes we love it if our creative brilliance, good looks and generous affection is appreciated by the people around us. It's a great time to celebrate each other's weird and wonderful qualities! This goes for personal/love relationships as well as our social/community connections.

I mean diversity/inclusivity whatever, Aqua energy ideally transcends tribalism and demands that we are honest about who we really are, and equally allow others to do the same; for the spark of exciting relationships that actually challenge us to respect the stuff we don't get about each other, as much as our amenable likeability. Thus do we enjoy truly honest, healthy relating that turns us on...

So even if we feel a bit misunderstood, by following the beat of our own drum right now...we kind of don't give a fuq. Too busy, on a mission to chase our most meaningful personal growth...

Which is why I have chosen this image, of the Fool Card, from Eugenia Loli/Divination Tarot. The Fool archetype speaks to the Uranian, Aqua vibe of this Moon. Not so much any Aqua tendency to over-analyse our feelings, with clever intellectual complexity. More charging into the promising unknown, riding the bliss of our innate sense of our full, visionary potential!

Happy Aqua Full Moon folks x

Ps. Lol this picture caught my eye; as I initially thought the puppy dog snapping at the heels of our Fool was Snoopy -an eccentric, Aquarian Fool for sure! Lets be more like Snoopy today...riding on top of his comfy home chasing the Red Baron like a brave fighter pilot, banging away on his typewriter, writing his magnus opus like a genius and hanging out with his best friend Woodstock, a whole other species who speaks another language but they get along famously anyway. Let's be brave about having fun, being our true selves and finding our tribe who get us unconditionally.


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