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April is here, and the scopes are up, to navigate a particularly fiery, transformative Aries season:

We have Pluto fresh in Aquarius; beginning 20 years of radical, regenerative collective evolution. Where we each have to completely renew our fundamental sense of purpose in the world; for an once in a lifetime chance to contribute meaningfully, to a rare period of accelerated spiritual awakening, Ready or not we are all phoenixes in the fire, trying to imagine a new future for ourselves & one another. No pressure tho, lol.

We have Saturn fresh in Pisces; to drill down on meaningful, practical ways to manifest whatever hopes and dreams are most precious to us. To really grasp the meaning of grace under pressure; with beautiful patience to cultivate the sudden, exciting opportunities to thrive coming at us.

Because the New Moon, Hybrid Solar Eclipse of April 20th teaches us about duality:

This Eclipse exact in Aries feels impulsive, dynamic and impatient -to get the fuq on with personal growth and success asap!

Then the Moon into Taurus 15 mins later, followed by the Sun 4 hours later-to conjunct the Destiny Point in Taurus. We immediately shift gears into the patient, persevering mode; to take the time work our manifesting magic, with measured effort. Especially Mercury retrograde on Uranus for this Moon-the more thrilling our plans, the more we work at getting the details right, obviously?

Happy April folks, its an incredibly promising phase unfolding -we need to navigate with as much intelligent self awareness as possible x

And plenty more detail. for how these themes are playing out for your sign, with the April horoscopes here.

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