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The month begins with your annual healthy, wealthy & wise Full Moon Sept 2nd, in your 6th house of functional living. In other words it’s time to get your act together & thrive…

Especially with nurturing earth mother Ceres on this Moon. It’s all about tuning into the intelligence of your emotional body & how any feelings are manifesting in your actual physical body, the better to suss out exactly how to look after your overall wellbeing –know what I mean? In other words its time for a conscious health kick, with particular attention to nourishing food, mindful/clean daily habits and a positive attitude for optimum self-care.

And of course the more you raise your health & vitality vibe the better you can perform at work, to do your professional thing at the top of your game. I mean with Venus in your biz sector till the 7th your talent is pretty sparkly & ripe for shameless self-promotion; so you do want to have your work ethic on, to follow through & get the job done right?

Also we have to talk about sexy Mars energising your love sector till January-so the rest of the year is fired up Libra mating season! And in sync with bitch Lilith this month is a fiery, passionate meeting of equals type situation. You’re more likely to have a hot blooded, pushy yet seductive Mars type dude or a fierce, spunky, uncompromising Lilith type chick on your case, depending on which way you roll etc. And of course you’re holding your own with Mars/Lilith attitude either way. It’s a dynamic, exciting, positively challenging & hot as hell chemistry going on –if love is your thing right now.

Meanwhile if you want to get your flirt on, Mercury in Libra from the 7th is pretty nice to polish that formidable, clever charm of yours. Also Mercury works your eye for detail & busy-bee organisational skills, to the extent you want to have a keen focus on the day job right now huh?

Image: Helmut Newton, Iris

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