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Capricorn Lunar Eclipse is here, exact 2.44pm July 5th, AEST -and its a cracker, in keeping with the wild times we're living in...

Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing all month, and gosh we've been pretty triggered by the intensity of the world recently, not to mention so many planets retrograde have had us bottling things up as we try to suss out the lay of the land. So we're kind of edgy & volatile, and of course this being an Eclipse is fully increasing the barometric pressure emotionally... watch out it's kind of explosive right now!

Because this Moon is picking up on the dynamite astro of Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, exact this week, and Capricorn ruler Saturn retro back on the scene. Which is such a primal imperative to dig deep & deal with our scenarios with brutal honesty -quite a challenging trip but also such a positive, life affirming rush of energy if we can handle the transformative self-awareness required. And also triggering our relationships, obviously; especially the sexy, passionate ones where the feelings run deep & financial entanglements where our Capricorn survival instincts are on high alert. So yeah we're not fluffing around on a superficial level here, we are taking the opportunity to be fierce & love, live & thrive like we mean it -no matter how scary it is to keep it real, know what I mean?

Also because this Moon is pulling together Bitch Lilith & the healer Chiron in Aries; where our most empowered, spunky confidence comes from our willingness to put ourselves out there with truly vulnerable authenticity. Knowing our truth & radical self-acceptance, warts & all is one thing right now-yes! But then taking the risk to reveal our true selves to our loved ones & walk our talk in the world no matter what is our real superpower here, to overcome fear & embrace expansive new possibilities no matter what...

Happy Lunar Eclipse folks, its quite a buzz to get things moving for sure xxx

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