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So let’s talk about Venus in an epic, extended tour of Gemini, to lush up your gorgeous charisma, talent & beauty in the world from April 4th-August 8th this year. Especially with Uranus inspiring you to rock your most incandescent, spunky self to mingle on the social scene, which you adore -2020 is your time to feel fabulous about yourself & shine!

Yes, but also it kinda sucks that your most brilliant, confident, show-off season ever has coincided with hiding out in tedious lockdown/social distancing etc recently? Way to cramp your style much?? Especially Venus retro mid-may to late June was tricky, to take a step back & re-evaluate where you’re coming from & graciously deal with certain delays/personal growth as opposed to charging forward with any particular outcomes…

But you know, maybe the timing has been perfect. As in you’ve been taking the time to align with your ideal sense of purpose & relational goals in the world; and with Mars/Chiron in your social sector this month you’re ready for a makeover, to finesse the personal style with which you put yourself out there.

Could be as profound as discovering a whole new creative/career/romantic path to turn you on. Or as basic as new look/wardrobe/hairstyle to look good doing it, or re-branding your biz etc for a new professional image in the world. So you’re not just pulling the same old moves/same old shtick to get noticed-you are revealing a wonderfully new version of being you…

Which makes Venus direct throughout July such a wonderful sense of fresh momentum. You are picking up on everything you’ve learned about yourself, your promising talent & lovely relationship potential lately; and powering forward with a delicious, intelligent focus to manifest your gorgeous, dolce vita life. Yes its all coming together this month & feeling much more cruisy -finally!

And right on time, the Lunar Eclipse of the 5th is sexy as fuq for authentic relating in your love life. I mean ok your ruler Mercury retro here could reveal any dumb misunderstandings with certain people –but honestly this is such a great opportunity to clear the air. Jupiter/Pluto rev up the passionate, transformative moments with your lover to feel things more deeply in your intimacy sector, and Saturn is the gutsy emotional fortitude to deal with it…& maybe handle next level, authentic love? Same goes if you’re on the dating scene, its not so much that famous flirt game of yours that’s on point-with Mercury retro you may be inveigled into a different kind of attraction, maybe revealing surprising romantic gravitas with time hmmm?

So by the New Moon of the 21st you are ready for a fab reset, with Mercury direct stimulating your best instincts about who you are & what you believe in by now, and how to conduct your key love, sex, family, money & biz relationships accordingly –sweet!

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