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So you know the idea that the caterpillar has to more or less dissolve its physical form in the chrysalis, as it transforms it’s cells into the new form of a butterfly? And there is presumably a moment when the creature’s consciousness is basically surrendering into a disintegrating soup of caterpillar mush, wondering What The Actual Fuq is going on?? I mean in human terms it would probably be calling its therapist right about then, to figure out the existential angst lol. But also imagine it does have a sense, however tangential, of the new evolution coming up, and it’s in the magic of butterfly dreaming that it begins to sprout beautiful new wings & preparing to fly free…

Excuse the poetic license, but of course you can see where I’m going with this metaphor for Aquarius this month. With Saturn retrograde to re-join Pluto/Jupiter in your spooky, karmic soul sector, the powerful transformation going on for you is happening on such a deep level. Its not so much the deliberate, reasoned self-analysis you usually favour, with that brilliant critical thinking of yours – which kind of doesn’t work anyway with Mercury retro right now, you’re more likely to think yourself into an intellectual knot.

It’s more an intuitive knowing rising up from your unconscious wisdom, with a fresh, regenerative new sense of your personal potential that you are just beginning to glimpse through your dreams, meditative moments, spiritual & creative insights & the sheer resonance of your gut instincts. You can’t quite put your finger on it; but you just know in your bones that you are breaking down old patterns that have been driving you from the karmic basement, clean house psychically and creating positive new paradigms, as you prepare to rise up singing to a whole new version of being you…

Especially with the Lunar Eclipse of July 5th in your soul sector; revealing whatever fabulous, clear intentions are coming up & how to manifest them in the world. Could be as simple as cleaning out all that crap from the back of the fridge, stock up on veggies etc & nourish your body with a healthy regime to function more effectively. Or could be figuring out how you’re going to manoeuvre your current gig/day job scenario advantageously, once Mercury moves forward from mid-month & you’re ready to get your professional groove on in the world. Especially by the New Moon of the 21st, you should be fully onto it.

Also with Venus lighting up your talent sector for ages this year, you’ve been playing with the creative process & know what you’re good at by now, right? So even if Venus retro has had you struggling with any setbacks lately -her forward motion this month should have you catching up pronto, and powering forward with a wonderful, renewed self-assurance. Yay time to shine you gorgeous thing, you’ve earned it!

Meanwhile, Venus/Mars are being pulled together by sparky Uranus in your domestic sector. So your romantic vibe is not exactly stable or security oriented-its more exploring exciting, liberating new versions of connection-but also best done on home turf. So maybe renewing the chemistry/doing cool new stuff with your shacked-up partner, to feel the love beyond the daily grind of co-existence? Or if single your next, promising hot date is at home-where you get to know one another more quickly hmmm...

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