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So your bolshie ruler Mars entangled with magical, nebulous Neptune in your spooky soul sector is the background astro for June, so we best deal with that first up:

Mars represents the fiery, determined life force of yours that powers your fierce, determined momentum in the world & wants to get things done pronto, just because you don’t have time to fuq around with subtleties, and (do admit) you love a bit of instant gratification! But Neptune doesn’t give a fuq about your external priorities/achievement goals whatevs & much prefers you focus your personal power on the inner spiritual/shamanic/creative discipline, to tap into whatever mystical, divine inspo fills your cup & nurtures your personal bliss.

And because Neptune has you ensnared in his home turf-your 12th house/soul sector, this invitation to look within resonates on such a deep, cosmic, unavoidable level right? So no point running away from the self-awareness journey right now, you’re going to meet yourself/current state of consciousness mirrored back at you wherever you go in the external world -know what I mean?

Meanwhile Jupiter &Pluto in your biz/career sector are firing up your most lucrative, positive, expansive professional ambition to get out there & thrive no matter what the odds! Especially with the Venusian Full Moon Eclipse of the 6th in your vision/adventure sector you are so willing to do the necessary personal growth, to embrace scary but wonderful new opportunities to creatively manifest whatever feels meaningful to you right now.

So the illusion of any dilemma between retreating to do the inner work vs external progress falls away here; as you realize the exact transformative personal growth you are dealing with behind the scenes is where you phoenix into your most magnificent success in the world on your own terms-yes this is so sensational, go you!

And love? It’s all about Venus lending you smooth, flirty wiles to finesse any romantic dialogues till August. Whether you’re connecting more deeply with your partner/shacking up with a lover (especially around the New Moon Eclipse of the 21st) or seducing someone new -best keep it sweet, harmonious & charming for best results.

Image: Thierry Mugler

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