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So if you’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps about the state of the world in recent months, it may have been exacerbated by Saturn/Pluto mainlining an acute awareness of the destructive part of the change cycle we’re going through-straight from collective consciousness into your inbox/daily conversations & thought process. I mean how the fuq are we gonna get through this one, and how can you project your plans into the world under these conditions, I hear you lament??

I mention this because the big news right now is Jupiter/Pluto playing out till Nov, to reveal a deeper, regenerative new potential rising up from underneath our current chaos. And you are the sign most likely to grasp the truly positive, expansive new solutions presenting themselves & embrace a better future with the sheer force of intelligent optimism. So May is looking sweet because you believe it, and ready to make good choices accordingly –yes!

Especially the Scorpio New Moon of the 7th is fresh moxy to strut around feeling fab, onto it and –syncing Neptune inspo in your talent sector, tuned into your most potent personal power to magically manifest whatever turns you on. You adore this sense of being captain of your own destiny just because you can-pretty cool huh?

Meanwhile this Moon also features Mercury on the Sun in your partnership sector as well as Uranus shaking it up, with Venus & the Destiny Point in your intimacy sector –to focus on intelligent relating in your love life.

Because we have to talk about Venus in your 8th house/intimacy sector till August! I mean the 8th house is your natural habitat, where hot sex meets deep emotional connection meets intertwined destinal paths with your lover; and with love goddess Venus lighting it up for the next 3 months you have the kind of passionate chemistry/true love/electrifying, synchronistic hook ups that really float your boat. OMG you love this -next-level, sexy Scorpio magic much??

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