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So how freaking fabulous is Venus in your sign till August! I mean given that the love goddess usually only graces each sign for about a month each year, this extended trip through Gemini has got to be brilliant for your natural charisma, talent, beauty, charm & romantic prospects. Are you feeling more radiant & positive than ever despite the dystopian background we’re dealing with? Yes embrace this -it’s your time to shine just by being your natural self and inspire the rest of us to lift our game, you gorgeous thing.

So even Venus retrograde from the 15th is ok, in that in between swanning around feeling fab you are also taking the time to pull back a bit & low-key polish & finesse your genius for the next few months; because Venus fully back on track from late July is going to meet the Destiny Point for spectacular alignment with your true calling in the world-something to work towards & look forward to huh?

Because meanwhile the Full Moon of May 7th is beautifully intuitive about your best approach to health, lifestyle & day job choices to thrive in a way that makes sense to you right now. You ideally move forward with a sharp eye to lifting your physical wellbeing & overall high Qi vitality; the better for Mars in your biz sector from mid-month to bring your best work ethic to nail whatever career goals you are currently dreaming up for yourself. Yes the force is strong with you to succeed despite the odds-you better believe it.

Especially by the Gemini New Moon of the 23rd, energised by Mars & Venus/Mercury in your sign inspire cool, intelligent new strategies to work your magic in the world. Time to hit your stride as the genius, high functioning flake that you are much?

Meanwhile the powerful, regenerative Jupiter/Pluto action in your 8th house of personal entanglements/shared resources is so juicy because:

Love –if you’re doing sex & intimacy you feel it for real, with a fearless willingness to open yourself to your lover fully. Yes it’s going to be transformative & maybe challenging to be so honest, but so worth it for a deeper, more authentic passion.

Money: Saturn out of the way for the moment hopefully lifts any immediate, obligatory debt/legal entanglements stress; to free up your financial planning energy to create brave new, collaborative biz/earning scenarios that could be so phenomenally lucrative if you play your cards right!

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