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So Uranus in your sign has you vibing more libertarian & anti establishment than ever, you’re happily smashing your own dominant paradigm & embracing your most maverick, free-living instincts. Especially with Jupiter/Pluto perfecting in your vision/adventure sector April 1st, you get just how transformative & empowering it is to chase your wildest dreams right now, as opposed to settling into the proverbial comfort zone –which let’s face it is becoming kind of redundant anyway.

So what to do about Mars firing up Saturn, the most conservative/stability loving planet fresh in your biz sector in early April? Uranus says fuq the system but Saturn/Mars says confident, savvy engagement with the straight world/bureaucratic necessity/ authority figures etc in your career is absolutely the best way to secure your success potential in the world.

So you’re a wild child with sparkly new perspective on the importance of personal freedom but also fully keyed into playing the game as necessary; because you’re ready to do it on your own terms, the better leverage the professional success you need to live free…

Especially with Mars square Uranus for the Full Moon of the 8th in your work/lifestyle sector. This s where you do that healthy living thing you do so well, to finesse the personal wellbeing to rock up to the day job in full, effective success mode ready to thrive. Also because Venus in your income sector syncing with Mars/Saturn says that your innate talent, charm & professional charisma could be quite lucrative if you play your cards right?

Then the Taurus New Moon of the 23rd is bang on Uranus, for the most dynamic, fresh perspective to confirm that yes you are entering a fab new stage of your life; the better to ditch the status quo with cool insouciance & embrace sparkly new possibilities with adaptable alacrity. Yay, including Mars in your income sector syncing Venus in your income sector for a positive, profitable work ethic to keep you moving.

And also lushing up your love life -the Venus/Mars sweet spot is Lilith in your soul sector for spooky, spunky soul mate chemistry. Your Mr/Mrs right is more likely to challenge old romantic patterns you didn’t know you were ready to release, but you don’t mind –because it feels so good to meet someone on such a deeply authentic level & the subtle emotional intimacy required to keep it real huh?

Image: Sebastian Kim for Muse.

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