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So with Saturn/Pluto in your soul sector lately’ you’ve been doing so much inner work, retreating from the world with a disciplined eye to personal growth & shamanic self development. Ok it’s been hard work facing down your demons etc, but now you get how resilient you can be phoenixing through your issues on your own terms. One could say you’ve been the ultimate introvert & socially isolated for a while now sorting your shizz out…

And the reward is Jupiter on Pluto from the April 1st -such a blast of positive affirmation from deep within your soul. You’re suddenly over the existential angst & open to a wonderful new sense of spiritual optimism that everything is, actually about to work out fine. And of course the more you truly believe this -you’re probably right!

And thank goodness for that, because Mars joining Saturn in your sign from April 1st is a major reality check about how you conduct yourself in the world. Saturn says you are being called upon to walk your talk on all that spiritual integrity you’ve been cultivating lately; you have a new respectability based on being a cool unit who can show the rest of us how to keep it together with stylish, responsible composure under duress. And Mars backs you up with the most fierce confidence ever, to assert yourself with quiet, don’t-fuq-with-me self-assurance to make stuff happen & survive on your own terms in the world. Ok then!

In many ways you are the sign most equipped to deal with these changing times-and you’ve never felt so alive. When the going gets tough the tough get gong & help the rest of us to thrive is your new motto-good on you.

Then the Uranus fuelled New Moon of the 23rd in your home sector is all abut maximum flexibility re the domestic/family dynamic. The home base is not exactly stable right now, but some flash insights re where you want to live & with whom could be weirdly inspiring, if you can stay adaptable hmmm?

Also Mars in your sign syncs with Venus in your romance sector this month, so you’re feeling pretty hot & ready for sweet seduction with whoever you’re into. Love is meant to be fun &delightful right now-best embrace it whilst the easy chemistry is on!

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