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February, your birthday month feels like a bit of reprieve, to process the intense psycho/spiritual/inner work you’ve been doing since January’s Pluto/Saturn conjunction; and reflect on a deeper connection with your own internal locus of power you may have been realizing lately…

It’s like a new anchor within yourself, where you feel less at the mercy of the slings & arrows of cruel fate/external circumstance etc, and more in touch with a profound equanimity within yourself -you’re at peace with simply being you amongst the madness of the world & give less fuqs than ever what anyone thinks about that, and this simple self-acceptance is such a beautiful thing!

Which I guess prepares you nicely for your annual, mating season Full Moon in your love sector by Feb 9th. It’s a chance to tune into the dynamics of your key relationships with full emotional congruence, & especially honour the needs of any love affair that matters right now for optimum, authentic romantic rapport. Extra especially with Venus & Lilith amping up your flirty wiles with passionately raw, honest communication skills sans unhealthy compromise on your part-you’re keeping it fabulously real, baby.

And this Moon activates Mars in your social sector, where hanging with the right tribe who get you/holding your own in the broader community is so energising. You’re fully involved in the social scene but also taking no crap from peer pressure politics or any haters out there, you’re out & about on your own terms thank you very much –excellent.

Then Mercury retro from the 17th just as Mars takes a back seat in your soul sector means you refrain from forcing any tangible financial/professional agendas in the world just yet. The second half of Feb is for low key scheming & dreaming in the background…

Especially by the New Moon of the 24th you’re much better off as the dark horse who quietly nurtures your most visionary plans (yes with the Destiny Point in your work sector they’re real) for the moment; than charging forward prematurely with hare brained schemes that are not quite yet up to scratch. Wait for Mercury direct from March 10th –or even better lucrative Jupiter/Pluto with Mars in your sign from April 1st to charge forward with full, dynamic ferocity huh?

Image: Melvin Sokolsky

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