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So this rare, explosive Pluto/Saturn conjunction I've been talking about so much recently is peaking this week... and gah the shizz does seem to be hitting the fan!

Yes we are ideally coming to terms with grace under pressure & phoenixing into next level, transformative empowerment in full integrity (sans skanky power trips please) no matter what-good, lets keep that in mind.

Because meanwhile I'm in the mood for a bitch. There are certain people & scenarios I would like to rip the fuqing throat out of in pure frustration right now... in biz, the world & even a few triggers in my personal life, I mean is everyone fuqing serious or what???

Omg lucky I have astrology to remind me how volatile this energy is, & not press buttons that could explode into major drama at warp speed.

So I'm just sitting back & tryna keep my cool like....

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