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Here comes a Lunar Eclipse-exact 5.21am Jan 11th AEDT, to kick off 2020 with a bang.

So we know that Full Moons always bring up whatever feelings have been brewing all month; and especially in Cancer we're extra sensitive to our tidal emotions, and extra especially an Eclipse amplifies the transformative power of remaining fully emotionally congruent & authentic about whatever is coming up for maximum emotional intelligence, and extra extra especially opposite the volcanic Pluto/Saturn conjunction this is a profound reality check to bring us into line with our deepest, primal needs & desires ready or not!

Oh my, could it get more real right now???

I have spoken a lot about Pluto/Saturn recently (see previous posts & horoscopes) -it's the signature astro of early 2020. It's all about digging deep into the basic emotional/structural foundations of our lives, ripping up any roots that have died off & no longer drawing sustenance, regenerating whatever does feed us or planting brand new seeds in the scorched earth of our previous existence -and rising up into a brand new chapter with phoenix like, ferocious courage to embrace scary, spunky, spectacular new possibilities.

And not to be glib about the process, many of us are doing it under genuinely trying circumstances that are literally, tangibly, terribly challenging to the established order of our lives. I mean hello, catastrophic bushfires in Australia are an example of this for so many people & wildlife suffering right now; but also many of us are facing our own, various confronting life changes in our individual situations. Not to mention geopolitical tensions & environmental stresses pumping in the background.. There is a certain barometric pressure in the collective atmosphere that has us all a bit on edge right now, huh?

Yes January is fuqing intense (especially as Pluto/Saturn reach peak intensity around the 17th), but honestly folks there is fresh growth and renewal on the other side of this -and a great opportunity to embrace the inevitability of a whole new, dynamic chapter coming up...

Happy Cancer Eclipse, let's take care of ourselves & one another to get through this as best we can xxx

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