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So the Saturn/Pluto conjunction throbbing away in the background is a certain barometric pressure in the collective atmosphere, right?

We have the internal combustion of a rising imperative for gutsy personal growth coming up from deep within ourselves- we're ready for fierce, transformative coming to terms with our own potency & manifesting potential in the world, But yeah we have to face a few demons along the way, toughen the fuq up, ditch some dearly held expectations/ notions of security etc if we want to phoenix through this thing and rise up singing on the other side. Especially with Uranus in Taurus smashing up our material structures, the better to create fresh, innovative, liberating new ways of doing things.

And gah, some of us are doing it under genuinely challenging, even harrowing personal circumstances; so this aint fluffy new age 'I'm working on myself right now' -this is heavy, unavoidable necessity that is driving our courageous determination to thrive under tremendous pressure -it's getting really fuqing real!

I mean hello, if we look at what's going on in the word around us it's all hitting the fan at warp speed, and it's great to see so many people realise we're all in the same boat (sinking ship), and pull together with community spirit & loyalty to our tribe/family/loved ones to build a radically new paradigm that authentically serves all of us -bless.

So thank fuq for Mars in Sagittarius today to lift the vibe to maximum positive, exuberant, optimistic settings!

Mars in Sag totally helps us to get how fab it is to break out of previous conditioning/limiting scenarios and seize the promising opportunities coming up -to go forth & rock our next level vitality & personal freedom. Because Sag does love to be unencumbered & free -its like pure oxygen to help us feel alive and ready to embrace living fully on our own terms, as much as possible in these trying times huh?

Much love to everyone overcoming obstacles & keeping it upbeat despite the odds, well done you x

Image: Michael Baryshnikov

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