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So this Pluto/Saturn conjunction throbbing away ever more insistently in the background is a bit of a bitch.

I mean it’s the most spectacular opportunity for deep, empowering personal growth, facing our demons courageously & phoenixing out the other side all shiny & new -so yeah its worth getting gritty & owning the process.

But meanwhile WTF, some of the crap we’ve been dealing with lately has been pretty hardcore right?

So thank goodness for the Jupiter/Uranus trine in the last few days to lift the vibe to more positive settings, remember it’s all gonna be ok if we keep it high end -and the importance of making time for good old life-affirming fun amongst it all.

Is there something wonderful going on this week we can be grateful for, & focus on the better prospects ahead we are working towards? Lets chose to believe in joy whenever we can xxx

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