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Well you are quite the little lover this month, aren’t you?

I mean to the extent you tend avoid nitty gritty feelings with that flighty, flirty, enigmatic charm of yours to keep it sparkly fascinating instead; you’ve been feeling Pluto digging into your intimacy sector for a while now revealing a deeper, more volcanic passion than you are normally known for.

And Saturn on Pluto for the next few months has you coming to terms with exactly what this means in terms of serious commitment, healthy boundaries & just how functional your relationship skills need to be to do the hot, powerful, transformative romantic entanglements currently calling your name…

Also because a sexy aspect between Venus in your intimacy sector & her lover Mars early Dec is pulled together by the Sun n your partnership sector –in other words any brewing attraction/fresh chemistry with your partner carry extra romantic gravitas right now you might want to pay attention to. Yes its Gemini mating season, but only if you mean it!

Especially by the Solar Eclipse of the 26th lucky, expansive Jupiter says whatever connection you’re looking at by then could really go somewhere, and the confidence to get out of your emotional comfort zone to make it happen -kinda challenging but so good if you can embrace this opportunity to love large.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 12th in Gemini is a nice inspo to align with your relationship with self & your own inspired vocational/life path no matter what. It’s a nice moment to realize that you can make whatever relationship/single/it’s complicated status you’ve got going on support your optimum personal growth -just because you’re ready to shine either way!

Especially with a fierce Mars work ethic aligning with Neptune creative inspo & professional charisma/glamorous self promotion in your biz sector, your sparkling ambition is so on point right now so why not work it to best advantage while you can huh? Also because it triggers Pluto/Saturn in your money sector pointing directly to the Destiny Point in your income sector –which is astro just bursting with lucrative earning potential IF you keep it realistic & finesse any financial negotiations accordingly-it’s so worth keeping an eye on this right now.

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