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Babe it’s lucky you are such a cosmic wild child, because December is incandescent with astro action in your magical soul sector; and you want to be fully in tune with a higher spiritual/shamanic inspo to embrace the full potential of this month as follows:

Pluto/Saturn in have been plumbing the depths of your psyche like a search and destroy mission; to root out any defunct, narky self-sabotage patterns and clean house big time. I mean we all have skeletons in the closet/complex unconscious emotional issues it’s not just you; it’s just your time to shine a ruthless light on your crap/face your demons with conscious intent & spiritual/emotional discipline to work it out -talk about draining the swamp! The better to make peace with who you are & internalise your locus of power with full integrity. Whew it’s a big ask, but you just know you’re ready for this one right??

So how perfect that Jupiter turns up from Dec 3rd, for a beautifully positive spin on all this hardcore personal growth. It’s like a spiritual lightbulb moment; to ditch any nihilistic self-doubt that Pluto/Saturn have flushed out with a fresh sense of the inherent meaning driving this period of inner transformation. Like a caterpillar in the chrysalis, you’re beginning to get just how magnificent you will be when you rise up singing like a butterfly on the other side of this process-and go explore new horizons in the world to show off your brilliance. Ok it might take until Jupiter in Aqua from Dec 2020 to fully walk your talk on this, but for now you can see it coming (especially around the Eclipse of Dec 26th) & that’s more than enough to keep you confident about your future prospects-they’re looking so goddamn good why wouldn’t you believe in yourself right now? Go you!!

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 12th in your play/talent sector is juicy, for more immediate gratification to turn you on. You’ve got Mars & the Destiny Point pumping your work ethic, to leverage your best creative impulses via tangible professional opportunities in the world. Which is excellent of course but do watch slippery Neptune in your income sector; which can swing from brilliant magically manifesting coin doing something inspiring to ludicrous schemes/entangled in some scam at warp speed if you’re not careful, hmmm?

Also Venus/Pluto trine Mars unleashes a deeper, smoking hot romantic passion within you –gosh you’re hungry for a soul connection you can truly relate to. And in true Aqua style it’s not just about sex –you want your partner in crime to share your secret dreams & crazy aspirations that no one else even understands. And yes you could get a taste of just such a connection this month, for the thrill of mutual recognition …and maybe more?

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