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New Moon in Sagittarius exact 1.05am Nov 27th AEDT-and not a moment too soon:

Because the background astro is pretty tricky right now. With Saturn/Pluto brewing a heavy confrontation between our deep dark emotional demons/material insecurities & the fierce discipline we need to keep it together, use this internal combustion to drive us forward rather than implode, and deal with the very real transformation required of us right now. 'And a stormy, volatile Mars/Uranus opposition is the pressure valve that could explode at warp speed under all this tension (tantrum alert much?), or release fresh energy to adapt with alacrity & keep it positive. Aargh so important to choose our reactions wisely, cos anything less than conscious intent is basically chaos theory at this point...

So thank goodness for this upbeat, growth oriented, optimistic Sag New Moon! It lends us the perspective to step back, see the bigger picture and a philosophical outlook about how the inevitable changes going on here are actually brilliant for our broader personal growth. Especially if we can withdraw our attention from any dramas trying to trigger our crap, focus and aim the arrows of our intent toward some kind of higher, more meaningful purpose in our lives-know what I mean?

We get that life is an adventure; it's meant to pull us out of our comfort zone, and even embrace the thrills & spills with our best bravado & swagger for a good time & the sheer buzz of feeling authentically alive-omg yes.

Also fyi, this Moon is pulling a sweet sextile between Venus & Mars together for a fresh, exciting take on our love lives. Because with Sagittarius driving our romantic moxy right now, there's no point trying to do petty bourgeois expectations or micro managing our lovers (no matter how much control freaky crap Pluto/Saturn are tempting us with) -aint gonna work. It's more wild, exuberant passion, loving large and dreaming of new horizons we can explore together that turns our relationship potential on-this could be so fun!

So happy Sag New Moon folks, let's believe in our wildest dreams & chase them whilst we can x

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