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So the current Mercury retrograde schedule goes like this:

Mercury entered shadowzone from Oct 29th-when things started getting weird...

Stationing to change directions Oct 31-Nov 2nd in 'storm' phase -trigger warning for volatile tantrums/devices exploding/biz & personal relationship fuq ups!

Mercury officially moving backwards from Nov 2nd-20th, & the usual cautions re dodgy techno devices, online activity, signing contracts/legally binding agreements & complex misunderstandings in our personal communication apply. We ideally take this opportunity to revise/finesse the details & intelligently process the emo being triggered by various delays; but chill the hell out on forcing the issue for the moment...

Stationing to begin moving direct Nov 20-22nd, so we can feel progress sparking up but not quite yet-again trigger warning for extreme blowouts just when we thought we were out if the woods-watch out!

Then Mercury out of shadowzone & full forward momentum from Dec 8th, and we finally begin to reconfigure the clarity to move forward one way or the other...

Because I tell you what, with Mercury in Scorpio the usual retro fuqery is way more emotionally loaded & we're more passionate about it than usual. And to the extent we're tempted to blow our fuse at the slightest provocation; I'm just saying let's give this one time to work itself out by the second week of December before we go burning bridges or stoopid, blind reactions to tricky circumstances or certain fuqwits around us -who may be only reflecting our own unresolved dilemmas back at us, to work out for ourselves hmmmm?

Especially with this retro digging up any deep/dark issues being revealed by Saturn/Pluto in our primal sex, desire, survival, money, biz side of life; and forcing us to face whatever we need to deal with & transform within ourselves, then the better to have a decent conversation about it with the people that matter. Yep it's all happening and if we can pull ourselves together & own our own powerful personal growth right now, before we go projecting it all over our relationships or sensitive dialogues that would be great. Because any key life decisions we are making here have GRAVITAS so we want to take the time to get them right, know what I mean?

Happy Mercury retrograde folks, and best of luck keeping it cool, calm & collected x

Image: Lady Gaga

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