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I’m not sure you’re ready for Pluto/Saturn in your deep dark 8th house, but it’s coming anyway so let’s figure it out:

I mean not to take a cheap shot at the cliché of Gemini being some kind of shallow bimbo –you’re way more complex & interesting than that, but (no offence) your emotional concentration span does occasionally leave something to be desired hmmm...

As in you are the most delightful, fascinating, enigmatic creature to connect with, but when it all gets too heavy your eye kind of wanders toward the nearest escape route? Maybe not so much fear of commitment (you adore being in a relationship), as fear of being swamped by suffocating emo & even more fear of being bored to death with prosaic, apparently needy ‘us’ talks sans the kind of sparky, intellectual stimulation you prefer?

Ok but Saturn rules solid commitment, Pluto rules intense, transformative passion & in your 8th house of serious interpersonal entanglements -it’s on baby! It’s totally time to dig deep, feel the feelings & get real with whoever is closest to you right now. Maybe you’re renewing the passion with someone special & loving how much you both care? Maybe some drama to figure out any underlying issues in a tricky relationship-ok it’s volatile but timely to clear the air & move forward more authentically, one way or the other? Maybe getting over a breakup & starting to see the light again, in healthy relationship with self? Maybe someone hot coming out of the woodwork to turn you on-and you realise it’s gonna scarily rock your world but you’re so up for the challenge?

And helpfully, Venus joining lucky Jupiter in your love sector from the 3rd is beautifully promising for lovely romance –perfect timing to trust the process of loving large & fearlessly no matter what!

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 12th is all about inspiring professional developments –but with Mercury retro it’s tricky. I tell you what it’s worth finessing the details on the day job; the better to ditch any hare brained schemes & focus only on the most lean, mean success strategies. Because by the time Mars turns up from the 20th with your best fierce, fabulous momentum & work ethic you want to be ready to roll, right?

Image: mac cosmetics-le disco summer collection.

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