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Full Moon in Aries, exact 7.07am Oct 14th, AEDT -and it's a fiery one!

I mean Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever emotional dynamics have been brewing lately, & this one is releasing such a floodgate of primal feelings to keep it real...

Aries is lust for life at the best of times, with an insistent imperative to assert our will in the world to make stuff happen our own terms for the the thrill of instant gratification -great, but dramatic tantrums if things don't go our way much??

Because this Moon is in an exact, tense aspect with Pluto brooding on our deepest desires -we want what we want & we want it now! Yeah but Saturn involved says we better be ready to do some serious personal discipline, if we want to take responsibility for manifesting the best circumstances to thrive in the world. This could be such perfect motivation to get our shizz together & make stuff happen, or else we're in explosive frustration mode about whatever we feel is holding us back huh?

Ooh we're so passionate right now!

Including our sexy love lives. I tell you what this is primo tine to handle the volatile reality of any issues coming up in our key relationships. If we're ready for the radical authenticity to go deeper with someone special-great this could be transformative & next level commitment/mutual understanding -ooh la la hot love acton coming up. Or if we're itching to unpack any tricky grievances & confront some difficult entanglement -watch out we could be purging/ditching whatever no longer serves us here at warp speed! Maybe the mantra for this one is get real or let go -and the relief of full clarity about about this releases the energy to move forward one way or the other.

Happy Aries Full Moon folks-let's seize the day & own it x

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