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So you know how they say the creative process is 10% inspiration & 90% perspiration? Well Venus/Mercury have been lushing up your self-expression recently, to play with the kaleidoscopic ideas that spring from that brilliant, multifaceted mind of yours-you’re a veritable font of creative inspo but that’s only the beginning. Now here comes Mars from the 4th Oct, to follow through with the 90% grunt to back your innate talent with real creative discipline…

Excellent, then you leverage all that career wise, with Venus in your day job sector from the 9th. Showing off those skills you’ve been finessing, looking good with a polished professional wardrobe, schmoozing workplace politics with that sparkly banter/persuasive (flirty?) charm you’re so famous for & general shameless self promotion is your thing right now-might as well work it to full advantage huh?

Especially with the sheer, shiny self-confidence of the Full Moon on the 14th –this is social networking gold to the degree you’re looking to find your vocational niche in the world/alert the masses to your brilliance etc. And also lovely for Gemini party season-maybe the work/life balance benefits from you blowing off steam by getting out & about on the scene, just because fun –and stimulating social interaction is like oxygen to you right? And maybe bond with special friends, who really appreciate your lovely attention right now?

And speaking of the Gemini personal life. Jupiter in your love sector has you so positively open-minded about the full potential of a special connection, or ready to embrace the next big thing if single. But Saturn/Pluto have you questioning the nature of commitment-you’re kind of craving a deeper, more enduring/passionate intimacy but maybe freaked out by the tricky implications of emotional entanglement hmmm? This is (no offence) classic Gemini ambivalence but it’s primo time to figure it out. Especially with Venus/Mars action early month, to play with an easier romantic frisson/fun times with your lover to keep it sweet.

Then the New Moon of the 28th picks up on the professional/day job plan, and what with the Destiny Point in your earning sector it’s perfect for monetise your genius with some brilliantly pragmatic biz/financial negotiations. Saturn says stay sharp!

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