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It’s all about the Pisces career this month, and a wildly promising chance to hit your professional stride as follows:

The New Moon of the 1st in your work sector is some kind of imperative to push forward, with a fresh perspective on the Pisces career. And happily, it’s not so much heavy professional pressures as Venus inspiring your best, key talent & how to work it vocationally with such an easy flair & confident, sparkly self-promotional buzz to move you forward…

Especially with Mercury direct off the Destiny Point in your creative/self expression sector; you really are finessing your skill set, with an eye to the finer details of how to get even better than ever at what you do.

So to the extent you’ve got some deliciously promising goals & opportunities going on, Mars activating your work sector is exactly the kind of fierce work ethic & gutsy determination to follow through that you need to back yourself for maximum progress on whatever matters to you right now. Including a dynamic, energised discipline to manage whatever health & fitness routine is going to keep you fired up & effective on all levels right now-and that’s a winning attitude for sure!

And then we have lucky Jupiter direct in your biz sector from the 12th, after months of prevaricating about your broader purpose in the world. So the sheer momentum of suddenly feeling clear & dynamically confident about whatever goals you have spent the last few months sorting out is gold! You’re fired up ready to go, pretty much have the rest of the year to nail your most expansive dreams and positive sense of purpose in the world, and I’m here to tell you it could be so fun to seize the day & thrive –enjoy this one huh?

Then we have to talk about the glorious romantic potential that is Mars & Venus hooking up in your love/partnership sector around the 24th. Your existing relationship zings with renewed passion & real commitment. If dating/crushing on someone special you’ve got the chemistry to work it beautifully. And if single watch out-sudden, promising attractions could appear at warp speed in late August. Love mojo much? Yep you’ve got it going on.

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