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OMG do you guys love a chat or what? I mean at the best of times the Gemini communicative brilliance treats verbal repartee/shared ideas/gossip/intelligent dialogue/intellectual stimulation/us chats etc like oxygen –you really, truly thrive when you can fully verbalize every little thing!

And happily, the New Moon of the 1st in your comms sector inspires al kinds of fab, stimulating banter to turn you on. Especially on top of Venus, your famous sparkly charm & conversational skills are so on point. So you’re all over any dialogues or negotiations coming up this month with your most incandescent, persuasive brilliance, which is handy.

And yes this includes the Gemini love life –flirt much?? I tell you what if you are looking to fascinate someone special with your romantic wiles, or just have fun getting around the singles scene playing with potential attractions whatever –you’re pretty damn irresistible right now, even more than usual.

OMG especially with lucky Jupiter direct in your love sector from the 12th, after months of dithering around retrograde. To the extent you may have felt a bit of backpedalling/ambivalence about your most promising relationship dynamics lately; mid month is a fresh blast of emotional confidence to get the show on the road, fuq the self doubt & love large already! It feels so good to trust the relationship you’re in to find expansive new possibilities, or entertain some wild attraction that’s got your number etc; so it feels like embracing the experience is bound to be a positive thing regardless of any particular outcomes, yes?

And ok, Saturn/Pluto also have you wrestling with the nitty gritty of primal passion/drama/change impulse vs sane commitment, and how to integrate the two for the rest of the year. And maybe the brazen confidence to follow your heart this month gives a clue, about exactly how/with whom you can finesse sustainable love?

And career? It’s all about making good coin; with Mercury direct you get to work that charm of yours to hustle income with Pluto/Saturn biz savvy –could be lucrative financial negotiations incoming IF you can handle the potential power trips involved?

Image: Norman Parkinson

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