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When Mercury stations retrograde in volatile storm phase in fiery Leo ON TOP OF hot-blooded Mars, and you're just busting to provoke some drama queen confronting/potentially sexy whatever conversation for a good time?

Lol, be careful what you ask for- yes thrills & spills coming up at warp speed if we choose to lift the lid on certain combustable dialogues!!!

I predict some super hot, passionate interactions exploding with creative, spunky -and ok maybe sexually loaded chemistry full of truly wonderful, authentic vitality. And yes this could be super promising IF we handle it with the emotional intelligence that Venus in Cancer is lending us right now.

But I can also see certain tetchy, itchy, bitching scenarios vibing like a tinderbox; Venus in Cancer could be a Pandora's box of any feelings we've been repressing lately, and liable to blow up in or face at the merest provocation. So yeah, we press the buttons of recreational drama at our peril right now huh?

Image: Miles Aldridge

Happy Mercury retro, let's keep it real folks x

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