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Watch out, New Moon in Cancer exact 5.16am July 3rd AEST & it's aTotal Solar Eclipse coming at us ready or not!

New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective on our lives; especially in Cancer is always gonna be particularly authentic feelings & emotional intelligence we're dealing with -and of course being such a full blown Eclipse the intensity of whatever's coming up is off the charts right?

We basically own our true needs, desires & powerful instincts-in which case we're potent, passionate, self-aware, magically manifesting little motherfuqers, walking our talk in the world & living like we mean it. Which ok requires courage & could be challenging but also pretty fabulously awesome, obviously.

OR we're struggling in vain to avoid the reality of our situation and our potentially vulnerable feelings about it. Which has has us locked down in a state of rigid denial; where life/interpersonal dynamics/our own reactions are gonna happen anyway, but shizz hits the fan even harder because we're unable to handle it with genuine emotional congruence-which aint a good look, know what I mean?

Especially with the Destiny Point involved, pulling in Saturn/Pluto opposite this Moon -we have such an opportunity for gutsy personal growth to ditch any old resistance to change & transform/evolve/hit our emotional stride & thrive on our own, spunky terms. This is gold, so let's step up, keep it real and do this!!!

Happy Eclipse season folks xxx

Image: Neil Krug

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