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Mars on the Destiny Point for the next few days is so goddamn spooky, magical and motivating!

The North Node of the Moon describes our most visionary, expansive sense of what we've come into this world to do; and our potential for powerful, transformative personal growth whilst we're doing it. And because this personal imperative is so close to our destinal life plan; destiny has a way of dishing up the perfect, fated circumstances/challenges/opportunities to nudge us forward on the path -hence I call the North Node the Destiny Point.

Sometimes these 'nudges' feel like doors opening in front of us with beautiful, easy synchronicity. And sometimes they feel like the most headfuq scenarios that we just can't avoid. But either way they are perfectly timed for our optimum evolution and long term, rewarding sense of accomplishment & worldly success, and have a certain vitality about them that feels somehow so right & inevitable...

And because Mars fully energises whatever he touches with such raw lust for life; when he hits the Destiny Point we become so ferociously aligned with our true sense of purpose in the world- the sheer momentum of this is bound to carry us forward-ready or not! thats us for the coming week folks; empowered to work the hell out of realising our full potential, positive as fuq and fully willing to roll with the blows of cruel/kind circumstance whatever -because we are creatrixes of our own future & determined to thrive no matter what!

Image: via the wonderful Rob Brezny

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