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The New Moon of the 3rd is crazy inspiring for your broadest, most visionary life plans this month. Especially by the Full Moon of the 17th you’ve got lucky Jupiter in your ideas sector to think big about the plans that really matter to you, which is fab. You’ve got the courage of your convictions going on, and so well placed to walk your talk in the world for great success potential- so what are you going to do about that?

Because it all hooks into the sensational yet slippery blessings of Neptune in your work/day job/lifestyle sector. You’ve kind of got two looks to choose between here:

  1. High-end creative inspo to rock your most unique, special talent & shine in the world. Super clear professional intuition you actually listen to, the better to set crystal clear intentions & magically manifest good things in the world. Including a clean daily spiritual/wellbeing practice to keep it all on track.

  2. Delusional schemes as an excuse to fail before you even start. Fuqing around with procrastination tactics to avoid doing any actual work. Intoxication/day drinking/louche behaviour for cheap thrills instead of aligning with your true purpose in the world.

It’s a no brainer, obviously. And I just know you’re gonna choose wisely; as Mars on the Destiny Point in your biz sector mid month is such a perfect opportunity to seize your biggest professional opportunities with your fiercest work ethic ever! Stay sharp baby, it’s all happening.

Meanwhile love? It’ s all about sexy, intimate passion till the 8th, then with Venus in your adventure sector for the rest of the month your best romantic vibe is expansive, sharing big dreams with someone special/hooking up way outside your normal comfort zone?

Image: via the House of Beccaria

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