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So the New Moon of the 3rd is brilliant for firing up such positive self-confidence in your life. It’s all about fun & easy, playful self-expression, just cos it feels so good & life-affirming to be you right now…

Could be a creative process to turn on your best talent, and maybe the effective self-promotion to put it out there & sparkle/professionally succeed in the world? Could be a delightful love affair for romantic thrills to turn you on… and given the promising vibes of this it could totally be going somewhere! Could be just hanging out with your kids/loved ones/shining on the social scene for a good time-which is pretty nice just because it’s important to embrace the simple, joyful things for a healthy, positive lust for life. Yes you’re totally getting your groove on this month, with unapologetic personal brilliance & it feels so right…

To the extent life is a divine gamble every time you trust your instincts; it could be your time to take a punt on whatever feels intuitively correct this month-and win!

And if your focus happens to be networking in the world & connecting with your tribe, the Full Moon of the 17th is perfect time to get it all happening, to embrace your beautiful niche in the world.

Meanwhile Mars on the Destiny Point in your work sector mid-month is genius, in terms of crystal clear strategies that are likely to get you way the hell ahead in your professional life And, crucially, whatever fierce work ethic is required to make it happen for real. I’m just saying it’s time to follow through & stick with the plan as much as possible, for maximum success mojo right now huh?

Image : “Glamorama” Vogue Paris November 2017

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