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Look, with Uranus increasingly stirring up your domestic sector, I’m not gonna pretend that you’re looking at so-called security, or an entirely settled domestic scenario anytime soon. But still, there could be some truly thrilling developments in your home/personal life to knock your socks off-and maybe a brilliant new scenario that you couldn’t have imagined until now?

And to this end the New Moon of the 5th is a chance to tune into the Aqua home base with a bit of fresh emotional intelligence. Maybe you are mulling over where you want to live right now-whether or not that involves a big move- and finessing the logistics/details of your property situation accordingly? Maybe you are tuning into your family dynamic, and how to best clarify your closest relationships for a more authentic home for your heart?

Yes, especially with Venus on Uranus mid month, just in time for a sweet little connection with her lover Mars. Any romantic action that inspires your domestic bliss (even if it’s initially disruptive) could be a big portent of things to come! The whole question of shacking up/or not/working out the domestic compatibility looks quite interesting, actually. And could even change at warp speed just when least expected. Or, if single & dating, maybe a flash seduction on home turf, to turn you on.

And I tell you what, if you’re in love right now you’re best bet is to communicate effectively. With the healer Chiron in your comms sector, it could all hinge on speaking your emotional truth, more than ever huh?

Then Mars into your day job sector from the 16th is fab motivation to get your fierce work ethic on. A bit of hard yakka is more likely to get you moving than ever, so best step up and own your capacity to get ahead and thrive professionally whilst your mojo is on huh? Also with the Full Moon of the 19th in your biz sector, you’re all over your best instincts to do bug picture success-go you!

Image: Grace Guozhi by Marc De Groot for Vogue Netherlands

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