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Move house during Mercury retrograde they said, it'll be fun they said...

Aargh so Gypsyqueen is moving house this week; and juggling all the usual overwhelm of relocation with a tricky data migration process to my new software dev peeps, in prep for my upcoming app launch- OMG Mercury retro stress much???

And ahem, realising that under the deceptively minimalist decor of my house lurks a slightly extravagant hoarding habit of accumulating lovely things over the last 6 years ...just as I'm trying to lighten up for a bit of freewheeling adventure in 2019 -thank you Uranus in Taurus to help me ditch whatever is no longer necessary -even if it is pretty, waaaah.

So if I'm not posting much or reticent to take bookings/slow to get back to enquiries this week; apologies in advance -you can find me staggering around under a pile of boxes, cleaning products & admin dammit.

How is everyone else's Mercury retro (exact March 7-28th) going? And is anyone else feeling the Uranus in Taurus vibe to lighten the fuq up already?

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