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So Mars in Taurus (Feb 15th-April 1st) is usually all about tuning into our most sensual desire nature, indulging our greedy appetites and settling into lush, delicious, immediate gratification mode like a Bull in Rut right? And/or settling into our most comforting comfort zone of material/financial/lifestyle security and blissfully chewing our cud, maintaining the usual habits/routines and chilling out in the happy stability of nothing much changing & every little thing is gonna be alright?

And yes of course, there's nothing wrong with being supremely comfortable in our skin and the life affirming satisfaction of living in the moment & fully relishing the simple pleasures in life- this is the lovely gift of Taurus Mars for sure....

BUT, if we're hoping to use this one to lock down into boring complacency or obstinately resisting the winds of change blowing through our lives right now? Ha ha ha good luck with that -aint gonna happen anything like we expect! Because people, Uranus is joining Mars in Taurus today -which as I have posted recently is blowing open our comfort zones like never before- seven years ahead of revolutionising the structures in our lives big time commencing now-literally ready or not.

Maybe we suddenly feel free to release some stubborn old attachment to whatever gnarly habit/ limiting structure in our life in which we've invested the illusion of security and clinging to in vain-and frankly boring ourselves to tears with? Omg finally we can let go, Thank fuq for that!

And the better to give ourselves permission to broaden the definition of what turns us on? As in we allow ourselves to become excited by the kind of pleasures/biz opportunities/wealth/satisfying relationships etc that we desire, but had previously thought unavailable to us? Or thrilled by some cool new opportunity; so outside our radar that it takes us fully by surprise when it turns up; but we stay light on our feet & seize the moment anyway, just because we can -so excellent!

Because if we can roll with the momentum here, we get to connect beautifully with our magical manifestation potential like never before. Uranus is our capacity to pull our most visionary inspo out of thin air, Taurus is our supremely grounded capacity to make things physically happen in the world and Mars is the solid work ethic and sheer, stubborn determination to pull all this off. OMG we are such powerful creators of our own destinies right now... we'd be mad not to embrace this right?

Because as I said earlier, the only other option is resisting the exact upheavals/unexpected developments that are trying to open fab new doors to our most desirable future -really? Change averse self sabotage feels dull and we know it.

Image: Fantasticos-hibridos-Francesco-Sambo

The future is rut-busting, scarily wonderful and has our number! Happy Mars/Uranus in Taurus folks x

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