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So the New Moon of the 7th in your partnership sector is so damn magical & Neptunian! Which of course s perfect inspiration to embrace your most ultra idealistic, highly tuned instincts in love – extra rapturous soul mating with your lover much? Or perhaps spooky synchronicity to meet someone strangely alluring, under weirdly destinal circumstances? Yes the force may well be with you here, to connect with that exquisite subtlety you do so well?

But of course Neptune loving can also trigger any delusional crap/bonkers chemistry/second guessing crazy mixed messages (especially with Mercury retro involved) that can really do your sensitive little head in! I would normally issue stern warnings about the dangers of losing yourself in some lunatic confusing love/interpersonal scenario here, but honestly I think a savvy customer like yourself is kind of naturally immune & unlikely to take the bait, right?

Because the issue here is that Virgo tends toward clear boundaries/critical thinking and, ok, micro managing the fuq out of relationships; and Neptune not so much! Neptune asks you to drop your guard and embrace all that crazy stuff you can’t control about your loved ones behaviour etc, and maybe love a little more unconditionally? So that perfect balance between discerning judgement & free flowing emotional communion (and this applies to all key relationships, not just romantic) is your new superpower this month!

Especially with Uranus finally done shaking up your intimacy sector for the last several years –you’re ready to settle into a more sustainable, emotionally congruent version of personal connection –honestly, you’re so ready for this.

Then the Full Moon of the 21st in your income sector is where you finesse any financial negotiations/biz opportunities with the same level of clever, savvy problem solving & attention to detail that come so naturally to you. Especially with Venus in your work sector & Saturn/Pluto in your talent sector to nail that creative discipline & effective, enterprising commercial nous of yours; the better to make the coin to support your most beautiful lifestyle right? Then Mars in your biz sector early April is the energised, fierce work ethic to drive all this forward with such brilliant confidence!

Image: Paolo Roversi, Infanta style

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