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Lucky you have Venus into your sign from March 2nd, because the name of the game is abundance right now, and Venus is just the trick to creatively manifest your wealth with the sheer brilliance of your personal confidence in the world. Especially showing off your best talent, just because it feels so good to do what you’re good at and figure out how to monetise it effectively?

Which is where the cracker, Neptunian New Moon of the 7th in your income sector comes in handy. This is such high end, visionary intuition about how to do whatever truly inspires you for a living. And the more you keep your intentions clear, and walking your talk on this with maximum integrity, the more you suddenly find you can manifest the funds/opportunities you need to move forward, with almost magical precision! Which is a darn sight better than the classic pitfalls of any Neptune scenario -lazy self-sabotage/delusional hare brained schemes/sneaky avoidance/intoxicated benders just when you need to look smart. So yeah, it’s a good time to keep it real huh?

And of course Venus in your sign also amps up your general gorgeousness –looking good & feeling fab which is always fun …and maybe perfect time to get your flirty wiles on for the Aqua love life?

Especially with Venus square Mars around the Full Moon of the 21st, for big romantic tension to work with, if you want to move things along with your lover/partner/some cutie you have your eye on or just getting amongst it on the dating scene? Yes this might push you to clarify/clean up your relationship skills; but what better time than now, when you’re so darn irresistible? I mean your sheer charisma and willingness to do the work to connect authentically is a potent combination, little lover…

Meanwhile Mars pulling change-lord Uranus into your home sector is quite the shake up! Oh my, if you’ve suddenly motivated to bust a move on some radical new domestic scenario, family dynamic or even big relocation? Yep, it could just be calling your name… the next few years have got your number baby, in terms of a liberating attitude toward the home base; might as well embrace it huh?

Image: Narcisse Magazine "Those Without Shadows" desert fashion editorial

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