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Image; Bohemian Diesel. Wild Texas Rose

Venus into Sag from January 8th till Feb 3rd, to claim a wilder, untamed version of the feminine principle for a while.

Venus is about values, and the primary value of Sag is to be free -and I mean really autonomous/captain of our own destiny/ wildling freedom to live on our own terms truly unencumbered by societal expectations/other people's controlling crap or our own limiting beliefs about ourselves. The way forward with Sag Venus is follow the beat of our own drum with a truly liberated attitude about how we live, look, love and express ourselves. Especially with a spectacular meeting between Venus and expansive Sag ruler Jupiter mid Jan, we are ideally living large and chasing our most adventurous passions with such spunky confidence...

Image: Neil Krug

Which brings us to the favourite Venus subject of love & romance. And given that Venus has just had us confronting our most seething, emotionally complex, obsessive romantic compulsions in Scorpio for the better part of the last 4 months -we've surely got a handle on our powerful desires & the intricacies of our relationships; which is obviously empowering of course and may well have flushed out some extremely sexy/possibly deeply meaningful connections in our lives and/or a better handle on an emotionally fulfilling single life in the meantime? Yes and now we get to leverage all that into a more courageous capacity to love fully & fearlessly or not at all, right?

Because whilst ok, Sag energy can be pretty commitment phobic, it can actually be quite passionately devoted when there is sufficient emotional oxygen in our relationship to respect one another's personal autonomy & thrill one another spontaneously because we genuinely feel it; sans too much restrictive expectation/tedious 'us talks' whatever. Watch out, if we're going to do romance this month it better be real, radically emotionally honest, positively open minded and genuinely exciting! The stakes are a little higher here, but so are the rewards of taking a risk on a bigger romantic adventure huh?

(Oh and a little side note, this astro does favour long-distance love, attractions with people from elsewhere and romantically motivated relocation...hmmm?)

OMG and especially with Venus trining Mars in Aries around Jan 18th. This is fully auspicious for big, fiery, passionate love affairs to blow us out of the water with electrifying, promising mutual desire... mid month is totally mating season for the brave heart lovers amongst us!

Image:Stanislao Capissi - Claudia D'Antonio – Photo Federica Capo yllo

Venus also beauty & style -and in Sag our look is freewheeling, natural, insouciant cool.

It's kind of a sarong draped over a fabulous tan from our latest beach escapade, smelling of coconut oil & a frangipani in our hair. It's kind of bohemian, gypsy glamour with jangly jewels/wild hair smelling of bonfires, an exotic fragrance we picked up on our travels and easy, unrestrictive clothing we can dance/move in. It's kind of rockstar glam-think showing off in sequins/feathers/leather/disco style with the great rock n roll chicks as our muse attitude. It's kind of charging around in our yoga clothes from this morning/easy athleisure & too busy living/getting on with it for fussy couture...


Image: via Peony Swimwear

Image: via Rocky Barnes, Modelos

Image: this pic has been so widely shared, but unable to find original source for this photograph.

Image: this pic has been so widely shared, but unable to find original source for this photograph.

Image: Stevie Nicks

Image; Janis Joplin

Image: Kate Bush

Image: unable to find original source for this picture

And Venus rules creativity, talent, money and how they come together to finesse our career goals. And in Sag our ultimate professional look is as autonomous, freewheeling and possibly self-employed as possible. It's a great time to be self-motivated, free to create income on our own terms and get our best, gloriously flexible work/life balance right for our most liberated lifestyle choices-and god we so love the luxury of choice right now, unencumbered by tedious, restrictive obligations right?

Image: LA Cool & Chic via Elle Australia Oct 2017

This could be a great time to bust out of any rut we've been languishing in and take the risk on whatever cool, expansive new opportunities we've been lusting after lately? So yes, this is great for the awesome confidence to chase up our biggest vocational dreams, and we've got the moxy to back it up and give whatever we're doing our best shot for sure! But also, it must be said that to the extent Venus rules financial abundance Sag is great at magnificent prosperity consciousness/pulling in coin but frankly stoopid at savvy biz/fiscal strategies-we tend to gloss over the important details to our peril! So yeah, no let's not charge forward with a hare brained schemes or frittering away our cash with careless abandon. A bit of discipline about how to leverage our brilliance for actual, practical material advantage goes a long way here, know what I mean?

Happy Venus in Sag, lets live & love large whilst we can x

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