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Mars into your ideas sector from Jan 1st sets a cool precedent for the year; where you truly get how much the quality of your thoughts/beliefs and the words you communicate with others truly manifests your reality/life experience in 2019:

In other words you embrace the power of clear, positive, definite intentions to create the life you truly want to live. Yes! You slay any confusing self doubt by monitoring your internal dialogue with such intelligent, clear self-awareness –and only speak from this place of clarity in all your dialogues for maximum, effective magical manifestation. Jung said “character equals fate”, or in other words how we live and what we put out into the world is what comes back to us… something to reflect upon for your most powerful new years resolutions this year, huh?

Excellent, and sorry to labour the point but the New Moon partial Eclipse of the 6th is in your soul sector; so it’s your alignment with your deepest spiritual principles and intuition that helps you to walk your talk and live your most authentic, rewarding version of your life this month…so good!

And then, just for a change of pace, how exciting is the Full Moon total Eclipse of the 21st in your love sector just as Venus/Jupiter amps romance way the hell up! Suddenly it’s mating season, where you get to connect with whoever is ready to turn up and adore you for who you truly are; and after all the work you’ve been doing to be the most genuine version of yourself this feels so good, huh?

Maybe a renewed, more transparent dialogue with your lover/someone special to open up the possibilities between you? Or if single, maybe someone new you feel a spooky sense of mutual recognition with-and excited to get to know one another better?

And love or not; Venus/Jupiter in your social sector reveals such brilliant networking opportunities. Whether it’s schmoozing the scene with shiny confidence to get ahead in life/biz/success whatever or embracing a more beautiful, open hearted connection with your tribe, it’s all about a more expansive, positive sense of your place the world to keep you evolving and ready to thrive… well done you.

Image; Charles Guo captures Wang Xiao for Harpers Bazaar

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