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Full Moon in Gemini coming up now, .4.30pm Nov 23rd, AEDT.

Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever emo has been brewing all month; and with Mars square this Moon the feelings are gonna be quite libidinous, tetchy, hungry lust for life and rise up with rocking intensity right now! Also with expansive Jupiter in Sag opposite this Moon, we want our freedom and we want it right damn now...

And of course in Gemini we're easily stimulated and have a pretty low attention span, lol. Could we be more wildly restless today???

This is fab for seizing our most insistent yearnings with the sheer force of our positive intentions, and trying valiantly to keep our focus on one, important desire/goal/whatever long enough to actually manifest it in the real world. Oh yeah. But not so good, obviously, for the scatterbrained drama that comes with not really knowing what we want and chasing up every pointless distraction as avoidance therapy... know what I mean?

I mean this could also be a pretty big party weekend, for those of us who are feeling decadent and busting to let off some steam... errrr, which may or may not be a good idea?

Happy Gemini Full Moon, let's own it x

Image: I have searched far and wide, but unable to find source for this fab image, so unable to attribute -is it Neil Krug?

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